New huts on the block!

At Leckhampton Shepherd’s Huts, nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, few things rival the joy of revelling in the great outdoors and returning to a cosy den afterward. The charm of staying in or owning a magnificent shepherd’s hut is simply irresistible.

Shepherd’s huts, with their iconic curved roofs and mobile structure, have become hugely popular for their versatility. They make enviable outdoor rooms, easily relocated within a garden for uses like offices, guest accommodations, or peaceful retreats. Their practicality aside, these huts evoke a sense of nostalgia for Britain’s rustic past, originally housing roaming shepherds and carrying a captivating historical charm.

Leckhampton Shepherd’s Huts create stunning handcrafted huts that bring your dreams to life. We’re part of the experienced Leckhampton Group, working alongside Leckhampton Builders & Leckhampton Joinery. With over 30 years of building expertise, our huts are crafted with traditional skills, incredible attention to detail, and a promise to make you happy!

Crafted with Care

Our shepherd’s huts are more than just buildings; they’re pieces of art. We’ve poured our years of building know-how into each one, and our huts showcase top-notch craftsmanship and unbeatable quality.

Spaces for Every Idea

Imagine having your own cosy garden hideaway, cool studio, or a fabulously unique Airbnb! Our huts can be whatever you want! Need extra office space, accommodation for guests, or stylish mobile stalls? Our huts can do it all. Considering a new business venture? Shepherd’s huts are not just for private homes; they’re also very popular among glamping sites and tourism businesses looking for unique holiday accommodations to offer. We have the capability to craft whatever you need to delight your customers!

Your Hut, Your Way

We’re all about making things just for you. Every hut we make is carefully crafted, blending old-school building skills with new ideas. We work closely with you to make sure your hut is exactly how you want it—personalised and perfect for you.

Our huts blend tradition with modern comforts, featuring fully insulated floors, walls, and roofs alongside double-glazed windows, electric lighting, sockets, and USB charging points. The smaller one-room huts can even accommodate a wood-burning stove for comfort and warmth, while larger structures can boast en-suites and mini-kitchens.

Our huts have already sparked significant interest, we believe it’s due to their exceptional value for money and their unique ability to provide additional space. Purchasing a shepherd’s hut offers a cost-effective alternative to house extensions, sidestepping the need for planning permission, and provides the added benefit of portability when you decide to move.

Meet the Talented Team

Our huts come to life thanks to our amazing team. These stunning photos were taken by Dan Duchars, while Dee Campling works her magic to style the interiors in our huts. Culpepper & Co have given us an awesome website and branding that reflects the spirit of Leckhampton Shepherd’s Huts.

Elevate Your Space with Us

At Leckhampton Shepherd’s Huts, we’re not just making buildings; we’re creating dreams. With our dedication to quality, years of building expertise, and a focus on making things just for you, Leckhampton Shepherd’s Huts is where your dreams find a home. Get in touch to find out more. We’d love to hear from you!